This is me in my Line Dancing Mode.

I took up Line Dancing in 1995 with my friend Jane Barrington just before it really took off in the UK.  We went to nearly all the classes available in Sheffield at the time and had some great fun attending regularly 3 or 4 evenings a weeks. However,  being a bit thick I found that many of the teachers were teaching too quickly for me as a beginner to be able to pick up the dances properly and I found it quite frustrating - it was OK if you could dance but many teachers were only interested in showing more experienced dancers and letting new people struggle.

So...Wildhorse Dancers were born..


The Most Fun you Can Have with your Boots On

Jane and I decided that we would start our own classes aimed at Absolute Beginners!

Our Motto's were

' Teach 'em Slow 'cos then they'll Know '

    'Make it Fun to Learn and they'll Return' 

Rather than bore you with words have a look at some of the pictures  below taken at some of our classes. Click on the thumbnails for a better look. But then you'll need to click your 'BACK' button to return to this site.

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'The Full Monty'

It is a terrible truth that sooner or later even the most mediocre line dance teachers feel that they must write their own Line Dances. Unfortunately, this has lead to the state we have today where there are literally thousands of new dances being created each year .  This means that a dancer can attend a different class in the same town and not know any of the dances being done there. However, sad to report that I succumbed to this malaise.  In 1998 we started a Line Dance Class in Shiregreen WMC in Sheffield. This was the club featured in the famous last scene of the Fully Monty and the shimmering Gold  curtains put up for the filming are still there. So, to commemorate this I developed a 'Full Monty' Line Dance. I say 'developed' rather than 'choreographed' as virtually all the steps are taken directly from various parts of the film   - I just put them together to make up a dance.  I had great fun teaching it and the class had fun doing it.  It never became an international hit - unlike the film - but the steps are to be found  in the database of  Linedancer Magazine website.  Or you can CLICK HERE for a copy

The demise of Wildhorse Dancers

Both Jane and I have finished teaching now as we eventually  found that we could  not devote the time necessary to learn new dances to keep our class up to date .  Jane stopped teaching at the end of 1998 and I finished at the end of 1999.   I still go dancing regularly to one of my old classes , now run by one of our previous pupils. I am still threatening to teach now and again if I discover a dance to music I really like.

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